Can I help you?

I enjoy myself in the evenings and weekends by helping persons and companies with their (WordPress) websites and shops, photo’s, video’s, print and computers on a freelance-basis.

Things I like to do


In 2005 i started experimenting with WordPress and by now I learned so much about it. WordPress is my favorite tool to build and manage a website.


Technically editing photos, video and audio are my hobbies. For example digitalize and restore a very old worn photograph, or making a professional (drone)video.


Making daily life easier by connecting things to the internet and automate as many processes as possible, also known as the Internet of Things.


For some time building enterprise applications based on the Mendix low-code platform.


Make (WordPress) websites in such a way that the content that is provided by my customers is optimally indexed by search engines.

Cloud IT

Implementations and modifications on the solutions from Microsoft, Amazon, Digital Ocean and Google that can be used for much more than the stand office automations.

Web Performance

Finding out in detail how (WordPress) websites can load as fast as possible by using smart hosting/caching/CDN etc. Performance is getting more and more important for SEO.

Design & Styling

Creating impressive designs that also is user friendly. I work together with international design agencies.


Slowly becoming a niche but I can still assist in creating print produces with the help of my Adobe Creative Suite software.

Reviews about me

Previously I worked for